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Clinical Hypnosis

Do you find you accomplish more when you are relaxed?

Do you find you accomplish more when you are focused?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then hypnosis might be right for you. Many people misunderstand what exactly hypnosis is and what happens during a session. Mainstream media has convinced the public that it is about losing control or relinquishing control to another. But that is simply not the case. During a hypnosis session, the client maintains control the entire time. No client can be an unwilling participant. Hypnosis can help clients reach their goals faster by getting them into a focused, relaxed state where they can process, understand, and investigate their problems in a safe, efficient manner. 

Hypnosis has been proven to help clients with depression, anxiety, relational challenges, weight problems, and smoking or drug addiction to name a few. Basically, any problem a client is faced with could be addressed by the use of hypnosis. That is not to say all issues are best dealt with hypnosis, or that hypnosis is the best tool to use for all clients. But its effectiveness is unquestionable. If hypnosis is an option you wish to explore, please contact me further for more details and we can discuss if hypnosis would be right for you.