Recovering From Infidelity

Therapy for Recovering from Infidelity offered through iCare Counseling in St. Louis, MO & Olivette, MO

Recovering from the trauma of infidelity can seem like an insurmountable task. Both partners can feel helpless, lost, hopeless, not knowing where to turn or how to go forward. Infidelity can take many forms within the context of emotional infidelity and physical infidelity. But all forms of infidelity can leave the couple with broken trust and lack of faith in the relationship. 

Going to couples therapy is an important first step in saying, "I am not ready to give up." In couples therapy, we will work to reestablish trust, foster an emotionally safe environment, discuss practical steps necessary for moving forward, and work towards redefining the relationship. So often after an infidelity, the injured partner lives in the past and the injurer wants to forget the past and move forward. This creates tremendous conflict while trying to recover and heal. A therapist can help guide the conversations towards healing, making sure both partners feel seen and heard. 

Infidelity in a relationship can create several issues including:

  •  Broken trust
  •  Lack of faith in the relationship
  •  Poor communication
  •  Emotional and Physical Distance
  •  Paranoia
  •  Aggression
  •  Disagreements regarding privacy

Couples Therapy can help to heal some of these issues by:

  •  Rebuilding trust
  •  Encouraging a renewed faith and hope in the relationship
  •  Fostering a new and healthy way to communicate
  •  Establishing a sense of closeness, both emotionally and physically
  •  Setting clear rules/boundaries regarding privacy that encourage trust and openness
  •  Calmer home environment, especially important when children are present


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